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   Shuttle Service to Kever of the Shotzer Rebbe

The Shotzer Rebbe, Rav Sholom Moskowitz זצ”ל is buried at the Adas Yisroel cemetery in Enfield, London.

On the wall of the Ohel – built over the Rebbe’s kever, a copy of his Tzeva’ah sets out his promise that he will intercede for anyone who fulfils the following instructions: come to the kever – preferably on Erev Shabbos before midday, light a candle for the neshomo who will inform the Rebbe’s neshomo that someone has come to the kever, light two candles for the Rebbe’s neshomo and accept upon oneself an improvement in some area of religious observance. One should then express one’s request and the Rebbe undertakes to intercede for the request to be fulfilled.

For this reason, Darkei Noam provides, as a public service at a nominal charge, a round-trip from Stamford Hill to the Shotzer Rebbe’s kever every Friday morning.

The minibus waits about 25 minutes near the kever and then returns to Stamford Hill.

Advance booking is required.

For further details, please contact the office by telephone or through our website.


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