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dn+logo+-+final copyDarkei Noam has been operating for 15 years, over which it has specialised in providing transportation services for the local population and especially for tourists visiting London.
Darkei Noam’s 30 employees focus on serving our customers with courtesy and special attention to their comfort.
The company owns a fleet of vehicles including 16-seater luxury minibuses, comfortable 8-seater vehicles and fine comfortable 4-seater cars.
We are particular that our vehicles should provide a high level of comfort, and that we maintain our high level of customer-service and satisfaction.
This is the reason that Darkei Noam has been chosen by many international companies and government bodies as their preferred transportation provider.
All Darkei Noam drivers and vehicles are fully insured in accordance with British legal requirements.
The company offices are situated at Darkei Noam House, in the Stamford Hill neighbourhood of London.
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